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Jay Hochheiser

Hochheiser, Deutch & Company

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As President and CEO of Hochheiser,Deutsch & Company, Jay’s passion is to help inspire and guide Entrepreneurs to protect themselves from life’s uncertainties and to safeguard and grow their wealth so they have the freedom to enjoy life with financial clarity and confidence. He is always focused on ways to help his clients improve business and their quality of life.

A wealth management strategist for over 30 years, Jay provides a high quality education for his clients. He specializes in holistically coordinating all the moving parts of their business financial life and their personal financial life and then employing pro-active planning strategies for them to be in the best retirement position possible.

About Hochheiser, Deutsch & Company

Hochheiser, Deutsch & Company is the premier Financial Planning/Wealth Management firm for Entrepreneurs in the NY area. We provide complete financial guidance from multi-tiered Qualified retirement plans to Buy-sell planning and business exit strategies. We are extremely pro-active and measure every financial strategy not only for the benefits you might receive now, but more importantly how will you reap the most benefits down the road when it might be needed or wanted the most. This will clearly be a difference maker for you, your business, and your family to have the best possible future.

Our unique capability is to provide you with an unparalleled experience in dealing with your financial affairs. You will feel how we truly care about your success. That's part of what makes this so enjoyable for us, as we love making a big difference in your lives.

We want you to be able to do what you want, when you want with complete confidence.

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