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David Hillelsohn

DHill Financial 

about David

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David Hillelsohn is an insurance professional offering life and health insurance based in the metro DC area, and licensed in the majority of states around the country. David prioritizes building long term relationships with clients based upon mutual trust and a desire to make a difference in each other’s lives. His goal is to make the discussion of insurance a positive experience with complete transparency that allows clients to find real peace of mind (a better night’s sleep). David founded DHill Financial, LLC in 2016. Since that time, he has helped individuals and families to secure needed protection and supported employer groups from 1 person up to 200 people in making key benefit decisions aligned with organizational goals.

About DHill Financial

DHill Financial, LLC provides insurance counseling in the areas of disability income protection, health and welfare benefits, and executive benefits including buy-sell design and golden handcuffs. Our experience in handling employee/executive benefits with a willingness to support the individual needs of each employee is what sets us apart from other insurance firms.
The firm is licensed around the country, and is independent with no primary insurance company affiliation and no pre-disposition to specific product solutions. The focus of the firm is on people, building trust and understanding the needs of the client and how insurance might integrate with other needs and goals. Insurance acquisition can be a positive experience; the mission at DHill Financial is to create an environment where people can be themselves and know that if they ask a question – they can trust the answer.

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