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Michael Gansl

Voice of Reason Consulting



Michael Gansl is a hands-on entrepreneur and “The Seasoned Voice of Reason℠" specializing in working with small business owners and their teams to implement business development and revenue growth opportunities. He has the real life experience to understand what businesses need to succeed, having founded and run NETLAN, a leading systems integration company for 15 years and growing it to over $18 million in sales with more than 75 people in several locations. In a multi-faceted career, he has been involved in the leadership of five start-ups and developed sales, marketing and operations for both early-stage and mature companies. As an investment and commercial banker, he has also raised debt and equity financing for more than 115 companies.

ABOUT Voice of Reason Consulting

Michael Gansl and Matt Plociak are both passionate about how the entrepreneurial spirit works for a small business owner and how they can help harness that spirit and grow a business. Together Michael and Matt are Principals in Voice of Reason Consulting whose mission is to turn business owners into CEO’s. The Company provides sales, marketing, operations and financial management services to their clients. They have over 10 start-ups between them and have navigated the ever changing business and technology landscape over the years. They have also developed a strong network of legal, financial, and operational professionals whom they can call upon on an as-needed basis to assist on special projects. And just this past year, you can listen to them on their podcast: Mind Your Own Business with Mike and Matt

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