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Chris White

Traction in Florida

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A 3rd generation entrepreneur, Chris worked for a Motorola distribution company where he took neglected territories and increased sales and profit margins 110%. He built a significant client base, developing and securing successful corporate accounts.

Embarking on his own ventures, Chris partnered with a software engineer to build a POS software program, which he later sold to a Fortune 500 company for seven figures.

Entering the medical industry, Chris designed a custom EHR program for Podiatrists focusing on the doctor’s needs. After selling the software program and company, Chris and wife Darlene built a new company providing online education for physicians. Their company quickly filled a gap in the medical industry and is now under his wife’s direction.

Today, Chris dedicates his time to teaching the EOS model to business owners across the country. Together with his partners, he is building a digital app to increase alignment, accountability and awareness in companies running on EOS.

About Traction in Florida

Traction In Florida provides EOS Certified Implementer coaching and facilitation to entrepreneurial business's seeking to grow their business. The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a simple, complete, business management system that empowers leadership teams to run successful companies.

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