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Trevor Fry

HRSS Consulting Group

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Trevor Fry is an experienced psychologist with Master’s degrees in experimental and industrial-organizational psychology, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the HRSS Consulting Group team. He is an expert at applying science to workplace issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations. His background in organizational science and advanced data analysis has allowed him to contribute to a range of training and organizational development projects at HRSS. Trevor specializes in training development and assessment procedures, recently developing a multilevel leadership evaluation tool, the Leader Benchmark Assessment (LBA). He is currently finishing his PhD in industrial-organizational psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology.

About HRSS Consulting Group

HRSS Consulting Group is comprised of incredibly dedicated and dynamic professionals located throughout the US. Our team’s background reflects more than 120 years of knowledge and best practices experience working with leading organizations in the government and commercial sectors. HRSS consultants are expert facilitators, instructional design specialists, leadership coaches, industrial-organizational psychologists, research & data analysts, and certified professionals in human resources. We empower our clients to drive innovation and lead change – to be the leaders who will build their own futures and the future of their industry. We offer research-based insights to help clients address their organizational development needs.

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