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Daniel Rubenstein

All in Entry



Daniel Rubenstein is the founder of ALLinEntry – an outsourced data entry solutions business that helps companies convert any loose sales leads into loadable lists for faster follow-up … and known to lovingly help clients get their sheet together!

He is an innovative, business development professional with a diverse career spanning more than 30 years. He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a keen ability to identify opportunities and envision profitable possibilities based on data analysis and intuition. His strong drive to achieve goals and generate unprecedented results allows his to passionately advocate on behalf of his clients.


Delegate what you hate … outsourced Data Entry Solutions to help you Save time, money and aggravation! ALLinEntry helps clients increase the size and quality of their databases by turning any loose leads into loadable lists for faster follow-up … with less stress and no excuses. Convert any quantity, of any formats of both physical and electronic sources contacts into an importable format.

ALLinEntry knows how to help clients get exactly what they need, even if they aren't sure themselves. Services are customized around your requirements and they offer a complimentary consultation to help.

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