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Johnny Harper

Body Analytics & OsteoStrong



Johnny Harper, a renaissance man. A Combat Marine, Marital Artist, Magician, Mentalist, and Speaker who brings over 30 years of proven success in sales, marketing, training, and leadership in the corporate world. Johnny combines his corporate experience along with his 50 years of performing magic to provide relevant content while performing magic & mentalism in his presentations guaranteeing those in attendance are engaged, entertained, and informed. After retiring, Johnny now owns and operates one of Missouri’s fastest growing holistic franchises; OsteoStrong, and recently created what he hopes is a new franchise of his own; Body Analytics.


Body Analytics
Your one stop shop for Health & Wellness Assessment. For those desiring to improve their health and are looking for scientific affirmation of your efforts, Body Analytics will track and measure your progress with cutting edge technology showing you how you’re improving your health and metabolic efficiency. We believe you need to Know your body and own your health.

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The “Ultimate Biohack” has cracked the biological code on skeletal strength conditioning and is helping people of all ages and activity level increase bone density, improve strength, and balance, while reducing or eliminating back and joint pain. Sessions are once a week and take less than 10 minutes with only 60 seconds of effort.

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