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Brian Kinahan

CEO Mastery 


Brian Kinahan

Brian’s passion is helping CEOs be and do their best. That’s why he launched CEO Mastery, made up of The Big Six Bootcamp, CEO roundtables, and 1:1 training and coaching. He brings 40+ years of experience, including 25+ years of coaching, 10 years as a CEO himself, and five years as a COO. Business is his “golf” – he’d rather help CEOs succeed than do just about anything else. Like his CEO clients, Brian is competitive and understands what it’s like to invest in big goals. He earned his MBA at UCLA and resides in Los Angeles with his family.


For over 30 years CEO Mastery has been helping business owners and CEOs of small to midsize companies grow from successful to exceptional.

Our success formula includes (1) the Big Six management operating system that creates a foundation of essential business practices (2) CEO peer groups to ensure superior decision making and (3) individualized CEO coaching to build awareness and the leader’s winning mindset.

Using our proven process, business-owners and CEOs across the country have grown their business faster and generated more profit with less stress.

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