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Sharon Rich

Think Business Growth


Sharon Rich

Sharon Rich runs ThinkBusinessGrowth, a California-based consulting firm where she works with Business Leaders in growing businesses to produce measurable improvements in leadership, teamwork, strategic execution and bottom line results.

Her secret? A proven methodology that turns unaligned functional leaders into a high performing leadership team working together to drive the growth of the business.

As a speaker, Sharon teaches leaders how to leverage the Hidden Game at play in their organizations. In fact, Sharon wrote the Amazon bestseller, Your Hidden Game, about 10 Invisible Agreements that block businesses from achieving their goals.


Think Business Growth works with business teams in growing small to mid-market businesses to deliver Breakthrough Business Results while creating a high performing leadership culture that makes those results sustainable.

Our clients are committed to creating a positive impact in the world as one aspect of their success. They generally employ between 50 to 1000 team members.

When the business needs its key business leaders to step up and develop the ability to act, not only in the best interests of their departments, but to drive business growth, call us. We turn individual managers into an aligned, high performing, opportunity-seeking, problem-solving, proactive leadership team.

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