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Tom Reynolds

The Reynolds Group


Tom Reynolds

Building on his bachelor's degree in Economics from Stanford University, Tom has 32 years of experience leading manufacturing and software development companies. He is uniquely qualified as a businessman to advise businesses in a competitive and sometimes hostile environment. Since 2002 Tom and The Reynolds Group has helped hundreds of companies grow sales and profits as a fractional C.M.O. Tom also leads a Peer Network and roundtable for manufacturers. He tackles the questions of how a business owner creates recurring revenue, grows their products offering, differentiates themselves from all competitors, wins back control of the business leaders' time.


The Reynolds Group is not a typical marketing agency. We provide integrated solutions for business development that result in increased sales. We call this Smarketing. It combines Sales Tactics with Marketing Strategy to deliver up to a 20% ROI. The process begins by understanding the emotional connection between our customers and their clients because people buy with emotion and rationalize with logic. We focus on outcomes. The Reynolds Group services include integrated strategies, storytelling, website and app development, SEO2Sales, trade show designs, identity, print collateral, and Smarketing training and branding.

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