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David Jean

Altus Exit Strategies


David Jean

As a Certified Exit Planner, David Jean serves as the Director of Altus Exit Strategies, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARB, where he provides exit planning advisory services to business owners. Using the Seven Exit Planning Steps provided by Altus Exit Strategies, David creates a company-specific Road Map, helping each business identify objectives, uphold business continuity, plan for personal wealth and estate, navigate the ins and outs of buy-sell agreements, and utilize alternative valuation methods.


Altus Exit Strategies provides business succession planning services to help you prepare for the successful exit you desire. Succession planning is more than identifying a successor owner and determining whether your business will be gifted or sold. It includes putting in place strategic operational and financial processes to maximize the value of your business before you make one of the most important transitions of your life. Your Altus Exit Strategies team will take you through our Seven-Step Exit Planning Preparation™ process to examine all of the options available to you and then guide you in creating a succession plan.

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