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Mark Hamade

Vivaris Capital

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Mark Hamade brings 25 years of pragmatic results-driven general management and operations experience. As a senior executive, Mr. Hamade is known as an innovative strategist, developer, and leader of people and culture. His career has been delivering uncommon results with pragmatic solutions in several industries, where he was tasked to create successful growth strategies. In the search industry, he was responsible for growing and expanding several clients at a top 5 nationally ranked search firm. Relationships from this work led him to the practice of working with CEOs from small, mid, large, and start-up to turnaround organizations.

Applying all of the lessons from his previous experience, Mr. Hamade developed and grew a very successful global consultancy. Within this advisory, he was responsible for numerous operational and strategic turnarounds within the steel industry and in general manufacturing, as well as renewable energy and industrial engineering. This global work required that he establish and create turnaround and growth results in Mexico, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. He maintains business connections in over 50 countries, including those with the wealthiest economies.

Mark earned both his B.S. and master’s degrees in Criminal Justice at Washburn University.

About Vivaris Capital

Vivaris Capital, LLC is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Vivaris is an alternative asset investment company that allows investors to participate in private equity with more control of risk than traditional models. Vivaris specializes in investments in well-established domestic and international middle-market companies as well as late-stage technology firms and real estate investments. Investments in private companies are traditionally made at an inflection point where additional capital, strategic expertise, and revitalized management incentives are capable of spurring significant economic expansion. These investments are operationally tested and revenue-proven. Vivaris’ real estate investments are targeted at structures that are under-utilized or non-optimized residential and commercial real estate developments where proper renovations and marketing can drive value appreciation.

Our yield convert strategy provides investors the security and current income of a debt instrument, with the back end upside associated with equity. For further information about Vivaris Capital, please visit


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