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Mark Quigley


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Founded Deziner Software as a result of working with dozens of investment banking clients who had great ideas, but could not afford professional investment banking services. Had initially designed the layout and execution of the software, secured relationships with several high-profile suppliers and vendors to make the best financial modeling platform available on the market.  He has also worked at MITRE Corporation, the ARINC Companies, and In-Flight Phone.  He earned his BSEE from the University of Michigan and an MBA at Benedictine.  He enjoys aviation and is building is own aircraft, he is also a Navy Veteran.

About Intercept

Intercept® is a SaaS platform that has built a complete vertical market in the business planning and funding market places.  It guides entrepreneurs from ideation through a complete business plan package.  For small to mid-sized enterprises (SME's) Intercept® can allow a company to quickly develop a proforma that can be used to improve operations, raise debt/equity, plan an M&A activity or succession.  Institutional investors can access an issuance developed in Intercept® and quickly determine the viability of a company's offering to warrant interest, due diligence and investment. For further information about Intercept, please visit


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