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Megan Wessels

Powerful Partners Inc

about Megan

Every client starts with a connection. Founder & CEO of Powerful Partners Inc, Megan Wessels helps owners and employees of small businesses who want to generate real business from the time and energy they spend networking. Through her own experiences in sales and running a women's networking organization, Megan has developed a powerful technique designed for two types of people - those who are comfortable in networking situations but struggle to turn connections into clients, and those who are not naturals when it comes to networking and have difficulty connecting with the right people.

About Powerful Partners Inc

Powerful Partners Inc, provides a platform for women and men in small business who want to see real results from the time and energy they invest in networking. The Accelerated Partnership Program is a truly unique 6 month membership. Members meet once a month for 6 months, learning Megan's powerful networking technique and applying it to the new connections they make each month in the program. Powerful Start is a 6 week virtual program where participants break through their networking resistance and attract connections that lead to business growth. For further information about Powerful Partners Inc, please visit


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