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Peter Stephan

The Tax Resolution Institute

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Peter Y Stephan, CPA is the managing partner of the Tax Resolution Institute. Peter Stephan’s early research into U.S. tax code led him to specialize in IRS practices and procedures. As the author of The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution, Mr. Stephan quickly became known as the guy who wrote the book (literally) on tax resolution.

In addition to specializing in the area of tax resolution, Mr. Stephan is frequently retained by other CPAs and attorneys to perform forensic accounting and litigation support, including expert witness services relating to various accounting, fraud and tax compliance matters.

About The Tax Resolution Institute

The Tax Resolution Institute is a firm with a unique blend of skills in accounting, taxation, business consulting for small & middle-sized companies and individuals in diverse industries. These broad set of skills, experience and expertise allow The Tax Resolution Institute to help people and organizations achieve tax relief through the strategic use of financial know-how.

In addition to specializing in the area of tax resolution, The Tax Resolution Institute also provides capital market expertise and other financial services including business management and general tax services for businesses, high-level financial groups, trusts, closely held entities, high net worth individuals, and startups. For further information about The Tax Resolution Institute, please visit


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