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Founded in 1976, EXACTA is Wisconsin-based and family-owned, offering business systems consulting, commercial and custom software development, and IT/STEM talent acquisition services.  EXACTA’s Corporate Organizer CRM&more (formerly EBIS II) is plug-and-play with mass communications programs, like MailChimp, accounting and job costing systems, like QuickBooks and Dynamics, integrating all contact information, documents, and operations to efficiently manage customer, prospect, supplier and workforce relationships.  EXACTA's Corporate Organizer CRM&more offers features not found in other CRM solutions, like photo-transcription from any screen or document, fully indexed document management, and augmented reality-linked campaigns.  With 43 years of experience, thousands of completed projects, and more than 22,000 IT contractors, EXACTA is ready to meet the needs of small business to large enterprises.


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