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ECCA Payroll in Partnership with Benefit Providers, LLC


ECCA Payroll in Partnership with Benefit Providers, LLC is a partnership of two companies, one that processes payrolls for employers of any size employee base located in any state or territory of the US and its partner that provides services a company needs for employee administration.

We provide clients with an On-line system that can have  a fully integrated time & attendance system and a fully integrated benefit enrollment and management system. We provide retirement plan services such as 401k administration and an EZ IRA program for employers that don’t want to contribute to a retirement plan but want to offer assistance to any employee that wants to have a payroll deduction retirement savings program! In addition we administer FSA (Flexible Savings accounts), HSA (Health Savings accounts) and HRA’s (Health reimbursement Accounts).

No longer does a company big or small have to pay for a separate HR system or manually enter any benefit information into payroll or worry about the proper handling of Insurance benefits or any other type of benefit. The On-line system provides Employee portals for employees to follow their various accrual balances, request time off, reprint their pay stubs and w-2’s have access to the company’s Employee Manual as well as a means for communicating company information!


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