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Candace Thompson

Wild Child Group

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Candace Thompson is more than your typical business consultant. She recognizes how the business structure is intertwined in every aspect of life. With 30+ years of experience coupled with a passion for people and their success, Candace helps businesses build their legacy. Even though the topics are tough, you would hardly know it with her light-hearted demeanor. She breaks through the barriers with the truth of what will help you start or create a thriving business.

Candace gets down in the trenches with you and doesn’t leave you until every aspect of the business is thriving. With her unorthodox approach, the world of business is changed.

About Wild Child Group

Wild Child was birthed in response to the enormous failure rates for the majority of small businesses and medium-sized businesses. We work with individuals and companies that value their brand and want to lead with a professional appearance and leave a lasting impression. Our vision is to unearth the best leaders in the world, while our mission is to inspire and empower leaders through creativity and innovation. Wild Child Group, “disrupters of normal,” has been empowering businesses to a world-domination kind of success through coaching, consulting and of course our highly recommended accelerator program.

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