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HR Huntsman

Leader's Edge

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HR was born and raised in Southern New Mexico in a vibrant multi-cultural setting. HR grew up in an under-resourced, abusive, dysfunctional home. This painful background led HR to dedicate his adult life to investing in people around the world. HR was the founder and longtime president of Real Life Family Center. RLFC grew into a very large international, organization engaged in many different types of humanitarian service. HR now serves as an executive coach to business leaders all over Puget Sound. He is also a speaker and published author. HR has been married to his amazing wife (his words) Gwen for over thirty years. They have two grown children and HR had the privilege of marrying both of them to their wonderful spouses. His favorite phrase is, “Everyday is a gift and we should unwrap it.”

About Leader's Edge

At Leader's Edge we are passionate about helping leaders become the very best versions of themselves. Through powerful coaching, a dynamic peer leadership laboratory or on-site consulting, Leader's Edge exists to help amazing leaders become even more amazing.


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