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Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping services, controller services and operational support to growing businesses.

New York City – Uptown Team

Naman Trivedi

Naman Trivedi

Managing Director
(212) 901-3295
[email protected]

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A Certified Public Accountant and seasoned entrepreneur, Naman founded Supporting Strategies | Manhattan Financial District in 2014. He is widely recognized in the business community as a hands-on leader with superb communication skills who can build strong relationships with partners and colleagues at all levels of an organization. Prior to offering bookkeeping services in NYC through Supporting Strategies, he was the Finance and Accounting Director with WTAS, one of the world’s largest independent tax firms. Naman is a licensed CPA in the State of New York and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Baruch College.
Michael Oberther

Michael Oberther

Director of Business Development
(212) 271-4903
[email protected]

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A member of the Supporting Strategies | Manhattan Financial District team since 2016, Michael has an outstanding track record in business development and client relations. He brings deep experience in areas including information technology, human resources, payroll and benefits administration, and labor compliance. Michael studied Accounting at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Southern Maine and served seven years as a Services Technician with the Air National Guard.

Offering Outsourced Bookkeeping and Controller Services in NYC – Uptown

At Supporting Strategies | New York City – Uptown, we tailor our bookkeeping and controller services to your business’ specific needs. You get the knowledge and expertise of one of the city’s largest bookkeeping and controller services teams, and our personalized approach ensures you can always count on top-notch customer service. We provide bookkeeping and controller services throughout NYC – Uptown, including in:
  • Harlem
  • Lincoln Square
  • Morningside Heights
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper Manhattan
  • Upper West Side
  • Washington Heights
  • Yorkville
Our team members — many of whom are CPAs and hold MBAs — use proven practices and best-in-breed technology to deliver a full suite of controller and bookkeeping services, including expenses and accounts payable, revenue and accounts receivable, financial planning and analysis, and human resources and payroll. We take the time to understand your goals and challenges and leverage our expertise to identify the services and process improvements that will help your business thrive.

Supporting NYC – Uptown’s Industries With Bookkeeping and Controller Services

Can you find a more distinctive city on earth than New York, New York? The world long ago fell in love with this grand metropolis, and the NYC – Uptown neighborhood boasts many of its most famous landmarks, like the Apollo Theater, Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, Museum Mile, Columbia University, Lincoln Square and the New York City Ballet.

Amid these arts and cultural offerings are the businesses that shore up our local economy, such as restaurants and retail businesses, technology firms, legal service providers, insurance agents, healthcare practices and nonprofit organizations. Supporting Strategies | NYC – Uptown supports the work of New York’s movers and shakers in these and other industries throughout NYC – Uptown.

Gain Financial Insight with Bookkeeping and Controller Services

With Supporting Strategies, you work with a bookkeeping and controller services partner who will help you gain financial insight that informs business strategy. From establishing a logical chart of accounts that can show you which areas of your business are most profitable to generating cash forecasts that you can use to evaluate different investment scenarios, Supporting Strategies will provide the data and reports you need to take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Supporting Strategies provides right-size bookkeeping and controller services for a range of businesses. Whether you own a startup or an established and growing business, we offer bookkeeping and controller services at a level that works for you. We take a custom approach to bookkeeper hourly rates or pricing packages, depending on the size, needs, and growth goals of each business. Contact us now to learn how outsourced bookkeeping and controller services can help you take your business to the next level.

A: Our team members are all based in the United States and have an average of 10 years of industry experience. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related discipline, and many hold an advanced degree and/or CPA designation.

A: Supporting Strategies provides a full range of bookkeeping services, including revenue and accounts receivable; expenses and accounts payable; HR and payroll; day-to-day bookkeeping and month-end close; and financials, planning and analysis.

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