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Supporting Strategies Featured in Glassdoor

Our CEO shares insight on some misconceptions and benefits of a work-from-home culture

Supporting Strategies’ CEO Leslie Jorgensen was recently interviewed by Glassdoor — one of the nation’s leading websites focusing on career development and what it’s really like to work at top companies from coast to coast.

Glassdoor covers trends, career advice and the latest headlines, with experts and executive insights. The site examined the topic of working from home in a recent article featuring Supporting Strategies.

Supporting Strategies is proud to offer a work-at-home culture in locations across the United States. Leslie Jorgensen shed light on this rising trend and pointed out that this arrangement is not only convenient for employees but can be rewarding for employers as well. She also shared some of the most persistent myths about working from home, as well as what the reality behind them is.

She tells us that more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. “Without question, we’re seeing an increasing number of organizations offer some type of work-from-home benefit,” Jorgensen shares. “Today, around 2.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce works from home at least half of the time. This is up from 1.8 percent roughly a decade ago, representing a 115 percent increase.”

She credits this in large part to the advent of cloud-based business platforms, remote communication technology and an increasingly competitive talent market in which employers must offer top-notch benefits to attract the best candidates. Working from home is often an attractive benefit for employers to implement, as the costs are low, the ROI is high and a majority of positions in corporate settings are computer-based and do not require a physical presence.

In the right organization, remote work and career growth are not mutually exclusive. At Supporting Strategies, remote managers often oversee large teams, and have the opportunity for ongoing career development and promotions.

We are proud to have been featured by Glassdoor and pleased to see our CEO share her point of view about remote work life with the Glassdoor readership. Supporting Strategies has grown tremendously since its inception, with a work-at-home structure throughout the organization. It allows for greater work/life balance, and an office environment that empowers each employee’s personal best to shine through in their work

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