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Jason Richmond




Throughout his professional career Jason has been motivated by his passion to learn and grow. Regardless of the project or organization Jason has consistently developed revolutionary solutions. He considers himself a digital mercenary and has the knowledge and skill to bring big changes to any situation.

Not all life revolves around technology. Some situations require more EQ than IQ. Relationships are critical to being a well rounded professional. Jason has developed strong relationships with his customers by learning to listen to their needs first before giving a solution; and putting their needs forefront.

Over the last three years, Jason has immersed himself in learning and implementing website accessibility. As a professional in the web development space he feels strongly that it is his responsibility to bring accessible solutions to the marketplace and to educate others about the need for website accessibility. As the web becomes more prolific, websites need to be built to accommodate users with disabilities.


Anttix is a website solutions company that provides hosting, design, and development services with fast and friendly support. Our websites are custom-designed to be beautifully responsive, foundationally accessible, and exceptionally functional.

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