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Bruce McMeekin

BKM Marketing Associates 


Bruce McMeekin

Bruce McMeekin is the CEO and founder of BKM Marketing, a strategic marketing agency. His firm develops data-driven campaigns to help banks, home services and other marketers deepen customer relationships and capture new opportunities. Before starting BKM Marketing in 2002, Bruce held client-side positions at Procter and Gamble, Bank of New York, Travelers, and PNC Bank before migrating to agency leadership roles at EMI Strategic Marketing and Protocol. His articles have appeared in Forbes and Target Marketing. He holds an AB from Harvard and an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.


BKM Marketing Associates, Inc. is an integrated agency that delivers strategy, creative and turn-key program implementation primarily to banks, home services, franchise companies, and other verticals that value data-driven marketing.

An award-winning industry leader, BKM generates results for clients by leverages insightful analytics to develop and execute informed marketing strategies. The firm employs seasoned marketing professionals with 15+ years of experience leading client engagements.

As a full-service agency, BKM Marketing executes programs for clients through a national network of creative, digital, and print/mail partners.

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