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Business Fundamentals Bootcamp and Bootcamp Replay

Hosted by Supporting Strategies, the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp and Bootcamp Replay are designed for the CEOs and CXOs of early and growth stage companies. The events include speakers and panelists who lend their expertise on tactical issues and opportunities for growing businesses focused on topics in marketing, finance, law and human resources.

Business Fundamentals Bootcamp events

Speakers and panelists are invited from the surrounding business communities, to present on their expertise topics for the event’s 60 - 100 attendees. Participants will have the chance to learn from and ask questions of some of the most experienced mature- and growth-stage service providers in the area. The Bootcamps are held throughout the year across the U.S.  

Bootcamp Replay events 

The most popular speakers from the Business Fundamental Bootcamps are invited to hold 1.5 hour long sessions at our Bootcamp Replay Events. These events are held on every month, in either a morning break or lunch meeting session. The Bootcamp Replay is a free event, so register for the next Replay and come enjoy a mid-morning coffee or a lunch time break – and listen to the best of the best Bootcamp speakers!

No Bootcamp Replay events are scheduled at this time, please check back.

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