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Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping and operational support for dynamic, growing businesses across a variety of industries.

Our team of Financial Operations Associates (FOAs) has the professional expertise to serve in bookkeeping and operational support roles ranging from bookkeeper to controller for our clients. A typical FOA has a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related discipline along with 10 to 15 years of industry experience. Many are licensed CPAs who hold an MBA or other master’s degree.

With Flexibility Comes Responsibility

As a Supporting Strategies FOA, you benefit from a flexible, part-time work schedule and being based at your home office. We allow significant leeway in setting your schedule, which is very appealing for professionals with kids at home or other personal considerations.

Of course, our clients always come first. They depend on us for bookkeeping and operational support because they lack these capabilities in house. So while the commitment is flexible, FOAs are responsible for meeting client deadlines and providing top-notch client service.

Truly Part of a Team

Although FOAs work remotely, there is a strong sense of team at Supporting Strategies. If you have a question or need an informed opinion, you can reach out to your vast network of colleagues for input. And when the time comes, they’ll be reaching out to you, too.

In order to foster relationships throughout our organization, we hold special events several times a year where you can mingle with colleagues. Our collaborative environment makes FOAs feel like they’re truly part of a team — and helps us deliver superior client service.

Our Focus: Your Success

We take pride in giving FOAs everything they need to succeed. It starts with the basics: a laptop loaded with software and tools that let you work effectively from your home. We then train you to ensure you’re comfortable managing your workflow and e-mail, tracking your time, and handling all of your other responsibilities. After you’re up and running, our support team will be there to assist with any technical questions or issues you face.

Join the Team!

Click below to apply for a position as a Financial Operations Associate. Qualified candidates hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting or related discipline along with 10-15 years of industry experience.

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