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Supporting Strategies | Pittsburgh, PA

Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping services and operational support to growing businesses.

Providing Expert BOOKKEEPING SERVICES to Pittsburgh Businesses

The Supporting Strategies team in Pittsburgh works to enhance business operations by providing outsourced bookkeeping services scaled to suit your changing needs.

We work to understand each client's specific goals and form partnerships to achieve them. For example, some clients want to get their books in order to maximize value in preparation for selling the business, while others want to grow their business and increase profits to support the needs of an expanding one. Additionally, others are more focused on cash-flow management.

Our work begins by ensuring the books are always up to date so that we can understand and communicate about profit margins, cash flow, budgets, and projections. We also help many clients pay their bills and invoice customers, as well as assist with job costing to make sure every job is profitable and minimize non-billable work.

Furthermore, we are committed to making connections between clients, vendors, and other professionals who are part of our curated Circle of Excellence.

Your Source for Expert Bookkeeping Services in the Pittsburgh Area
Our team takes pride in supporting the hardworking people who make the City of Bridges a place that balances history with forward-looking innovation — from the shipyards and manufacturing plants to top universities and technology startups.

Supporting Strategies | Pittsburgh serves clients who are mainstays of the regional economy, such as attorneys, tradespeople, restauranteurs, home remodelers, chiropractors, dentists and nonprofit managers. We provide bookkeeping services in Pittsburgh, Oakland, Cranberry Township, Mars, Butler, Hampton, Wexford and beyond.


Meet Pittsburgh Managing Director Stacey Palmer

(412) 204-4022

Stacey Palmer spent 17 years counseling business leaders on a wide range of matters at the law practice of Reed Smith LLP. A trusted advisor, she is gifted at identifying the right people and processes to strengthen companies.

In 2016, Stacey decided to focus her expertise on helping small businesses thrive. She brought together a team of committed professionals and launched a Supporting Strategies franchise to deliver bookkeeping services in Pittsburgh.

Stacey earned a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School, where she graduated magna cum laude, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Finance and Business) from Truman State University. She is deeply committed to the local business community and belongs to organizations including the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce and BNI Partners in Profit.



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