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Antonella DeMari, BS

Antonella is a seasoned accounting and finance executive with over 20 years in financial leadership. Her expertise spans administration principles and practices, financial analysis and audit management, and she brings a data-driven approach to increasing revenue.

Prior to joining Supporting Strategies, Antonella provided thoughtful strategic leadership for 27 charter schools as Director of Partnerships and Development. She worked to optimize bottom-line growth each year while ensuring sustainability for future success. In addition, she raised significant funds and grant money through strong community partnerships and built a high-performing team that consistently exceeded goals.

Antonella helped advance the core operations of companies in each of her prior roles, which included Fundraising and Community Relations for a new school, Principal and Business Development Specialist for a firm that delivered controller-level accounting and consulting services, Financial Controller for a private commercial real estate brokerage and Accounting Manager for a life insurance company.

Antonella holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from California State University, Northridge.

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